At Anders Lewendal Construction our number one goal is to delight our clients by building them high quality, custom homes. Client feedback, in turn, is the best measure we have for determining if we are successfully achieving our goal. Here’s how our clients tell us we’re doing:


Dear Anders,
Thanks so very much for making this house building process so easy on me. I really appreciate your “can do” attitude and taking charge of all the details. I really like my new house and feel it is safe and sound.
–Pat J., Sundance Springs area

We selected Anders after interviewing numerous general contractors in the area. We appreciated his forthrightness, honesty, and friendliness. For over a year we visited Anders every few weeks, sitting at the computer with him designing and modifying our dream home. He exhibited great patience, important since we had special view sheds, solar features, and other items where a foot here or there really mattered to us.

Anders worked hard with us to incorporate three items critically important to us–energy efficiency (e.g., passive and active solar design, special wall insulation), health-friendly aspects (e.g., low and no VOC paints), and environmentally-friendly features (e.g., fast rotations woods for molding and cabinets, cork flooring, recycled carpet pad and roof insulation). We made many decisions focusing on these three areas and Anders helped along the way with thoughtful conversations, supply of environmentally-friendly building references, and his ability to help us constantly balance our desires against the budget. The great thing was that we felt like he was part of our team in creating what we wanted, instead of being disturbed like some builders would have been when we continuously questioned and looked to modify materials and choices.

During construction we met Anders at the house almost daily, beginning with ground-breaking day. The project flowed smoothly, even through the winter, and we ended up on time and on budget. The few problems that occurred were quickly and smoothly handled by Anders–he took full responsibility for the house. Several times he literally said, “If you’re not happy, I’m not doing my job right.”

We love our new home, so much, in fact that several times we have jokingly cursed Anders for building us such a nice home that we never want to go out anymore! We now think of Anders and Marilyn not as our builders, but as our friends, and that’s about the best compliment possible.

–Scott and Katie, Sundance Springs area




When my brother, who is a contractor, told me he thought our house was well built, he confirmed all my suspicions. Anders Lewendal has built us a house which is impressive to the trained eye as it is to those who are merely looking for a wonderful place to live. His attention to detail, from the radiant heat in the master bathroom to the placement of the house, shows that Anders wants a finished product which makes him and his subcontractors as proud to have been involved in the project as we are to call it home.

In addition, Anders was terrific at working with us to add our personal touches to what began as a spec home, and he stuck to his deadlines. Finally, Anders has gone out of his way to make sure that every aspect of the house lives up to our expectations, even if that means calling back subs to make changes that were not originally contemplated.

My family and I cannot thank Anders enough.

–Lisa R., Sundance Springs area




We thoroughly enjoyed working with Anders Lewendal. He listened to our ideas and answered all our questions. This was our first experience building a home, and we found Anders to be very helpful in keeping us on schedule for making decisions. His demeanor is pleasant, open, and relaxed. His approach and creative ideas made the home-building experience easy and successful. We couldn’t be more pleased with the house. It’s the style, functionality, and comfort we were looking for with the added bonus of personalized features.
–Brian and Carol L., Sundance Springs area




We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the superior way in which Anders Lewendal Construction recently completed our home. In all aspects his honesty, integrity, and help were far above that which one usually receives from contractors especially when we lived half way across the state.

We began planning our house nearly two years before breaking ground. Anders met with us and very thoroughly explained his procedures. In turn he listened to all aspects our our plans and the changes we wanted to make, and offered his recommendations as to easier ways to accomplish things. During this planning stage, he kept in touch with us continually…we also had numerous face to face meetings. He went out of his way to insure that every item was thought of and that processes were in place to take care of any changes.

We can only say that it has been a pleasure to have Anders for a contractor. His work has been outstanding and we would recommend him for any size job. His follow-up has been thorough and he has made sure that any problems encountered were fixed immediately. He is truly a professional and if we ever needed to build another house he would be the one we would choose to do the job for us.

–Lawrence and Rebecca H., Churchhill, MT




Anders Lewendal was the general contractor we chose in building our house after interviewing four prospective builders. We immediately felt comfortable with Anders…his easy-going nature and his business sense. We knew that Anders was a reputable builder and someone we could trust. Our building project, which was somewhat unusual in our eyes, turned out beyond our expectations.

We began by spending evenings with Anders sitting at different locations on our hill envisioning just the right placement for our home to make the most of our views. He helped us though the design process as well, something for which he has a keen eye. We were included through out the entire building process in various levels of decision-making. Anders was very tuned into the fact that we were focused on those special finishing touches and was careful to incorporate our ideas.

Anders does and outstanding job of tracking costs/expenses vs. the budget. We spent hours with Anders at his computer going over numbers and other details. He kept us lined out making sure that the multitude of choices were made in a timely fashion so that we stayed on schedule. Our house was done on time, as promised.

We were also impressed with the fact that Anders has a wonderful reputation/rapport with all the sub-contractors we worked with as well as the building material suppliers. The quality craftsmanship and custom work by the subs is a direct reflection of Anders’ integrity as a general contractor.

Bottom line…from start to finish to ongoing follow-up…through all the stress in-between that one goes through in the building of a new home…Anders guided us through “uncharted territory” with ease. We are extremely proud of our home–a quality and style that will be timeless for years to come. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

–Scott and Theresa L., west side of Bridger Mountains



To whom it may concern:I moved into a house that was renovated by Anders 2 years ago and was so impressed with the craftsmanship that when I decided to expand I didn’t feel the need to look any further for a contractor.   From the very first meeting Anders was upfront on costing and step by step guidance through the whole process.  As a single woman, dealing with someone who can explain in layman’s terms what is going to happen and when is extremely important.  So too is having sub contractors who are pleasant, tidy, reliable and time efficient.   Every single sub contractor that worked on my house was trustworthy and a pleasure to deal with and they have all worked with Anders for many years.  Anders guided me through the process from concept (he works with very good architects who listen to what you want and deliver) to breaking ground to finishing touches.   He is ALWAYS available – a rarity in the world of contracting.  I work early hours and I could text Anders from 6am and he would be straight back to me with an answer.  Always calm, finding solutions to whatever problems I may perceive  He is readily available on site as well as via phone and text.I would throughly recommend Anders Lewndal’s company for whatever your project is, from complete house to remodel, I was extremely pleased with my house remodel and would never use another contractor.  Please feel free to come inspect my remodel as an example of his craftsmanship.


–Jacqui Suff, Bozeman, MT




To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this recommendation letter for Anders Lewendal Construction, Inc, for his great work as the general contractor for our custom designed residence here in Bozeman, MT.

My wife and I had been designing our custom residence for two and a half years, being meticulous in both design and sustainability. After interviewing five different contractors we settled on Anders Lewendal Construction as our general contractor.

We picked Anders as our general contractor because he was able to understand the type of highly detailed, designed, efficient, and sustainable residence we wanted to construct. He was able to have an educated conversation about high r‐value (r‐40) walls and help me redesign the wall construction to fit our project budget while still meeting our goal of a highly efficient house. Anders was also open to the various new ideas that I had designed into the building, bringing his existing knowledge to bear and expanding his knowledge to make them happen.

During construction, the highly skilled and professional sub‐contractors Anders uses on his projects, did outstanding work. It has been a very long time since I have dealt with sub‐contractors of this caliber. This is the first time that I have seen weather resistant barrier (wrb, usually Tyvek) actually installed correctly per manufactures installation instructions. It made my jaw drop and gave me confidence in knowing I will have a house built to the highest standards that will last decades before needing repair work compared to just a few years with a typically built home.

Even if one of these subs is having a bad day or just slacking a little, Anders will keep them to task. At one point he noticed the shingles for the roof were not being installed in a straight line. Anders made the roofer redo the installation to meet his high standards of construction, at no cost to us.

The success of our residential construction came about from the knowledge that Anders Lewendal has and continues to expand, the highly skilled sub‐contractors he uses and the attention to the smallest details even if that means a sub contractor has to redo it at no cost to you. Because of this I would recommend Anders Lewendal Construction, and I would only recommend him if you are doing a custom designed house that is highly sustainable, even to the level of a passive house, because this is when he shines and does his best work.

A case in point, just the other day my wife was walking home and she ran into the sub‐contractor who did all of our house insulation. He was excited and wanted to know how our house was functioning. She told him we love the house and it functions better than we thought it would. She then asked him how his insulation job was going for the house a couple doors down. He just shook his head and said there is nothing special about that job. I find this interesting because with a highly efficient and sustainable home Anders can find the subs that will be challenged, excited and proud in their work. To the point where they will come back later to ask questions and still be excited about the work they did.

–Aaron Britton, Bozeman, MT