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Kudos to AmeriSus Homes for building homes with almost all American products.  DC is correct that finding all American products takes some effort.  Although we are about 60% complete, we have spec’d out American products through completion.  With a little research, we are finding American companies we never heard of.  The concept here is not necessarily to build with 100% American products every time, but to prove that it can be done.  We will succeed.  Finding a simple nut made in America proved difficult.  Finally, we had to purchase nuts for our J bolts from CAT.  Yup, they did cost more, however, we project the total cost of the project is only about 1% to 2% different than using standard building products.  We want to promote finding value in American products, not spending dollars just to buy American.  Take gun nails for example:  A Chinese box of 21 degree collated framing nails costs about $5 more than the American equivalent: TruSpec or Maze.  We find the Chinese version jambs at least a few times more often per box than the American nails.  We think our carpenters spend more than $5 worth of time cleaning their nail guns.  I would say the American nails cost less.


Let’s celebrate companies like AmeriSus who have reallocated far more than 5% of their spending from foreign to American products.  If all American families reallocated just 5% of their household spending from foreign to American products, we would add something like three million jobs in America.  It would not happen overnight, but we would create momentum and confidence.


Join us by encouraging all Americans to promote rebuilding America 5% at a time.  Visit our facebook page: and show your support.  Whether you care about social, environmental, or economic issues, can easily support buying local in a global sense.

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  1. AC says:

    What about the tools you are using? Are they all American-made/manufactured? Just a curious question; Love the concept, keep promoting!

    • Jake says:

      Anything left on the job is required to be American. So if workers do not have American tools, it is not a requirement. But we would like to start moving in that direction and searching for American made tools as well. Thank you for your interest and support!

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