Is It Worth It?… Yes!!

A month ago, we confirmed that we could get US made gun nails (Maze and Swan). Unfortunately, we didn’t check on the stock of those nails at our lumber store. For the day, we had to buy small boxes of US-made 8d ring shank nails at a slightly higher cost. We’ll have full boxes here in a day or so. Luckily, PL400 subfloor adhesive is made in the USA.

Though there may be a slightly higher cost to some of these American made products we are finding out that there are substantial quality differences when comparing these products to their overseas based alternatives.  For example, if a framer is using gun nails manufactuered somewhere else, they have a tendency to jam the gun a few times per box while the American made ones usually will not jam a gun.  If it takes roughly 3 minutes per time to reset the gun, over the course of a job the slightly increased cost of the American nails will be off set by the time and cost of resetting the nail gun!

It is a challenge to check on each and every material that goes into the house. All of our sub contractors are doing there part and ensuring that materials left on the job are in fact made here. Everyone has a spreadsheet to document the materials used, the manufacturer and the state where the product was produced.

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