In a typical year, the US builds about 1.4 million homes each year at a construction cost (price of land not included) of almost $3 trillion.

Say US builders liked the idea of building American, but instead of going all out to build a bunch of  All  American Homes, they reallocated an average of just 5 percent of their construction costs from foreign products to those made in the US. That small change would add $10 billion to the US economy each year and create enough good-paying jobs to employ the entire population of Providence, R.I.

What if every family in America reallocated 5% of their spending from foreign products to US made products? Let me tell you: There are about 120 million housing units in America who spend, on average, about $50,000 per unit per year. That’s 6 trillion (TRILLION) dollars we spend on products every year. If every family reallocated just 5% of their spending to American made products, we would add 3 or 4 million jobs to our economy at $50,000 per family. That would pretty much end the recession. If you are game for this, register, reallocate, and send this to a friend or all of your friends.

3 responses to “Economic”

  1. Verdis L. Hall says:

    I am very interested in employing your theory. I am a transitioning soldier and I am frustrated at the employment options. Do you have a business model or marketing plan that I could review? Thank you

    • Jake says:


      Currently all of the information concerning our theory is on our Facebook page and blog. Our main goal is to provide an awareness to the American people about buying American products, and by doing this we will be providing opportunities to Americans in the form of jobs.

  2. Kerryn says:

    It’s imperative that more pelpoe make this exact point.

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