Building American-Made. Is it possible?

All American Home

Is it possible to build a home made with products that are predominately produced in America? We here Anders Lewendal Construction think so, and we’ve teamed up with Sustainable Building Solutions to prove it. If we’re successful, it will be the first home ever documented to be completely American made.

Building all-American is cool, but doing it sustainably is even cooler. The All-American Home will achieve a HERS rating of about 40 without generating energy. That means it will useĀ 60 percent less energy than average brand new homes of its size.

Pretty impressive, if we do say so ourselves, but we want to take the All-American Home story to legendary proportions. That’s why we’re going to build it for about the same cost as any home its size and quality.

Why would we go to all this trouble? Well first, our very cool clients, the East Family, deserve an equally cool house. Perhaps more importantly, we believe there are social, environmental, and economic reasons to buy more products from American manufacturers.

If we can get residential builders in American to reallocate just 5% of their construction spending to American made products, we’ll add more than $14 billion to the US economy. That’s enough to directly employ the entire population of Providence, Rhode Island, at $40,000 per year, every year.

So what if it wasn’t just builders? What if every company in every industry reallocated 5% of their spending to buy American made?

That’s the big idea. But first, we need a something small to rally around. Something we can see and walk around in and be a part of. We need an All-American Home. And before that can happen, we need to answer tough questions like “Does the US even make lightbulbs anymore? How about appliances, airgun nails and sheetrock screws?”

That’s where this blog comes in. It’s your chance to watch our progress, offer suggestions and help us out as we build a very cool house for a very cool purpose.

2 responses to “Building American-Made. Is it possible?”

  1. Edward White says:

    Could it be possible to receive a tax credit to a buyer of the difference between using certified all american built materials and the regular cost using cheaper materials that are foreign made?

    • Jake says:

      Thank you for the question. Could we get a tax credit for buying American made products? I think our credit would come in the form of a better economy. Buying local is one way to increase demand for our products without creating tariffs or other import duties. Foreign countries would wonder what is going on when their sales decrease and they can’t attribute the loss to government intervention. Sorry, I don’t think our gov’t will go for a tax credit.

      Buy local when it makes sense and pass along the idea to everyone you know. Before we know it, we will increase our manufacturing by 5% and will improve our economy.

      Thanks again:


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