Meet the Team

Anders Lewendal Construction has been building custom homes in the Bozeman, Montana area for over 20 years, but they moved here for the same reasons many of their clients do. They were looking for a safe, healthy environment in which to raise their children, clean air and water, stunning landscapes, wild country, and ample recreational opportunities. When they stumbled upon Bozeman during a camping trip they knew they had found their match. When Anders received his first custom home job in the area back in 1991, the family made Bozeman home. Since then Lewendal Construction has built more than 130 homes in the Bozeman area.

Like you, Anders and his family were once faced with many of the difficult decisions you are currently facing, and they want you to know you don’t have to go it alone. When the family first moved to Bozeman, they unfortunately didn’t have a home builder to answer some of their burning questions, but you do! Ask them anything! If you want to know what to expect in real estate taxes, average heating and electricity bills in the winter, or just a good hike to take on a warm summer’s day, just ask! They’ll give it to you straight because they were in your position once and know how difficult it can be.

Anders Lewendal Construction isn’t just a construction company. It’s a family. It’s a family that happens to design and build homes in Bozeman and loves every minute of it. Let this family build the next home for your family.


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